Funeral Prices Brisbane

We all know that the cost of a funeral is only becoming more and more expensive. So what is causing this increase of funeral prices in Brisbane?

The price of a funeral traditionally depends on the type of service required, whether cremation or burial is chosen and what the family would like to include in the funeral service. In Brisbane, funeral directors will often include a predefined list of inclusions in what is known as a funeral price package. These packages offer a whole, fully funded funeral service for a set fee. Sometimes there is an itemisation of these costs, other times the funeral director will simply offer the package as is. It is important to consider, however, that a funeral price package is offered to make your life easier. The idea is to reduce the pressures of decision making, and present three to six simple packages for you to choose from. Packages are usually created according to the popular requests and the funeral directors experience in making funeral arrangements with families.

What is the average funeral price in Brisbane?

In the greater Brisbane region, the average price of a funeral package is around $5,500 to $6,600. Of course, local funeral directors offer cheap funeral packages as well as more expensive or high-end funeral packages. Making contact with funeral homes and requesting funeral quotes is one of the best ways to get an idea of how much a funeral is likely to cost according to your needs. This will ensure that you have more of an accurate figure in mind when making preparations or arrangements for the funeral service.

Where can I find out more about Brisbane Funeral Prices?

Depending on how much time you have, there are a couple of ways to find out the price of a funeral in Brisbane. Some funeral directors will have this information available on their website, in the form of packages. Others will have a list of fees or charges associated with items of which you can pick and choose from. Those that do not include this information on their website are likely to have a price list or package list available upon request. You can give local funeral homes a quick phone call and request this information to be sent to you by fax, email or post. Another method is by using an online funeral quote service that will contact funeral directors on your behalf, with your requirements at hand, and request customised and tailored funeral price quotes from Brisbane funeral directors.

Remember that you are never committed or obliged to use a funeral director unless you have signed an agreement with that funeral home. Always consider that you should feel comfortable with the funeral director you choose and never feel pressured into agreeing on a funeral price if you feel that it isn’t right or does not suit your needs. Search our website for funeral directors in Brisbane if you are thinking of contacting local funeral directors for pricing information.