Brisbane funeral costs set to increase in 2018

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The cost of a funeral is set to increase in 2018 as funeral directors prepare for fee raises at cemeteries and crematoria in the greater Brisbane area. While many of the cemeteries and individual crematoriums are independently operated, increasing demand in recent years has put upward pressure on funeral costs.

The major cemeteries in Brisbane servicing the inner-city region include South Brisbane Cemetery, Toowong Cemetery, Pinnaroo and Balmoral Cemetery. These venues are having to increase prices annually to remain competitive as supply reduces. Simply put, a cemetery can only be occupied by so many burial plots. This increases the pressure for the cemeteries to put their prices up, and offer alternative solutions to families seeking a spot in their venues.

Brisbane cremation providers are also experiencing an increase in cost to operate, as the cost of energy rises. This puts pressure on operators to increase their prices right across the country, but we are seeing it happen in Queensland first. Brisbane crematorium operator Mark Ronson says “The operating costs of a crematorium are phenomenal, people don’t realise the expense associated with owning and running these facilities. We all try to keep our prices low but sometimes these things are outside of our control.”

While funeral directors often try their best to keep the cost of their services low, it will be difficult for them not to pass on these price increases expected from around the middle of the year. “The best advice I can offer is to prepay your funeral. Speak to your family funeral director and ask them about their pre-paid funeral options.” is the advice of South Brisbane funeral celebrant Mary White.

If you are looking to make arrangements for a pre-paid funeral, you can search our list of Funeral directors in Brisbane, or view our compilation of Top 10 Funeral Directors in Brisbane. Both of these pages will help you discover funeral directors in both North and South Brisbane, that offer services in your area. You can also view detailed information about the funeral company before making any decisions.

If you are looking for a low-cost funeral, we recommend speaking to your funeral director about the possibility of using the facilities at Goodna Cemetery in Ipswich. Their burial costs are the some of the lowest in the greater Brisbane area.

January 11, 2018