White Lady Funerals introduces fresh new branding

White Lady Funerals
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InvoCare’s leading Australian funeral brand, White Lady Funerals, has introduced a new brand. The fresh concept is in keeping with the publicly listed companies commitment to remain Australia’s leading funeral care provider.

The refreshed look incorporates a lighter font type, enhancing their existing logo style. The modernisation of their flagship brand is important to ensure the funeral giant remains relevant and contemporary. In recent years, InvoCare has been ensuring all of their brands are modern and meet the expectations of the Australian market.

2017 saw an overhaul of their major websites, with a cleaner design including more white space and of course the implementation of mobile-friendly design. These changes were seen on all major brands including White Lady Funerals, Simplicity Funerals, Guardian Funerals and Value Cremations.

Below you can see the change in the main brand logo used by InvoCare.


Not only has the brand modernised the font used, they have also formally included the younger looking White Lady. The brand adopted a more youthful ambassador in 2016, and slowly included her in their promotional material eventually replacing old Erica as the official rose smelling White Lady on their logo.

Interestingly, the removal of “Proud Member of InvoCare” may indicate some change in the funeral giants publicity.

We believe the softer branding it better suited to the business, and will serve the brand well over the coming years as competition continues to threaten InvoCare’s funeral industry monopoly.

White Lady Funerals is a national network of funeral directors owned and operated by InvoCare. They operate in most Australian capital cities and town centers. The brand is their premium funeral brand in Australia and is well recognised. For more information on White Lady Funerals, you can visit their website or view the White Lady Funerals profile here on our website.

January 10, 2018