Funeral Prices

When making any purchase in life, it is important to be informed of the total cost. Arranging a funeral is no different, and understanding funeral prices is crucial in ensuring you receive value for money. In this guide we take a look into what makes up the price of a funeral and what is involved in the funeral process.

Arranging a funeral can be one of the most stressful periods of an individuals life. There is so much to consider, and so little time to meet everyone’s requests. This means that decisions can be rushed and the though processes that are usually available, may all of the sudden become muddled and unclear. In Australia, we are blessed to be protected by various institutions such at the Office of Fair Trading as well as Consumer Law, to help reduce the opportunities of scrupulous service providers. Below we entail what is involved in the funeral and what makes up the cost of the funeral service to come to the final funeral package price.

Remember that just like purchasing a car, or a house, costs can be negotiated and customised to best suit your individual needs and budget.

Funeral Prices: Funeral Director Professional Fees

Professional fees are the amounts billed to you (usually in advance) for the funeral directors time and expertise. This fee can cover meetings, grief support, transportation of the deceased, embalming or preparation of the body for the funeral as well as the completion of paperwork and documentation as required by state and national law. These fees are usually prescribed and may not be negotiable in the funeral price package offered to you. Just as a doctor, dentist or optometrist would bill for their time, a funeral director is entitled to charge a fee for their time spent with you and your family.

Funeral Prices: Burial and Cremation Fees

The service of cremating or burying the deceased will incur fees from a couple of different sources. In the event of cremation, there will be fees payable to the crematorium for the use of their facilities, as well as the wages of any staff used during the cremation of the body. There may also be fees for the ashes to be put into an urn for delivery to the family. In the event of burial, there will be fees payable to the cemetery for the burial plot, as well as fees for upkeep and maintenance of the cemetery grounds. These prices will vary depending on the location of the burial or cremation.

Funeral Prices: Flowers and Decorations

The funeral service presentation is always enhanced with flowers and drapery. Naturally these do come at a cost, however the price of the flowers can be changed to suit your budget. A smaller and simple arrangement will work out much more economical than choosing an arrangement that is extravagant and opulent. Sometimes simple is best, so always consider your budget and needs first.

Funeral Prices: Casket or Coffin

The casket or coffin forms a significant part of the funeral price. This is because there can be such a large variance between the prices of simple coffins to beautifully presented and finished caskets. Luckily, this is one of the easiest parts of the funeral to personalise. So depending on your taste and preferences, you can choose a coffin or casket that is presentable but also wont break the bank.


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