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If you are looking to engage the services of a Melbourne funeral director, it is important to do your research and find a service provider that will best suit your needs. The Melbourne area has more than one hundred funeral homes that service the CBD and outer suburbs. Understandably, this can become quite daunting and the funeral packages offered by each different funeral home can be confusing. Our comparison of the different funeral homes will help you to learn more about the funeral directors in Melbourne that offer cremation, burial and even repatriation services. Most funeral homes will also offer pre-arrangement and pre-planning services, with plenty of options to choose from to personalise the funeral for you.
You should also consider whether you would prefer to engage the services of a large funeral company or use a local family owned independent funeral director. Where possible we have included information about the ownership of the funeral homes in Melbourne.

Pre-Paid Funerals Melbourne

There are many large funeral homes advertising pre-paid funerals in Melbourne. In the list below you will find that the vast majority of these companies will offer prepaid or pre-arranged funerals. Some will have packages already available, while others will sit down with you and tailor a service just for you. A pre-paid funeral offers you peace of mind, knowing that some of your final expenses are taken care of. It may also benefit your family, depending on the arrangements you make with your chosen funeral director. Note that there is a difference between pre-paid funerals, funeral plans and funeral insurance (commonly advertised as final expenses insurance). Funeral plans offer the pre-payment of funerals over an agreed time frame. For example, paying for your funeral over a period of 4 years. Speaking with your local funeral director is the best way to find out which product suits you best.

Eastern Suburbs

The eastern suburbs of Melbourne are well serviced by a selection of the major brands including White Ladies, Simplicity Funerals and Tobin Brothers. However, these aren't the only ones that service this area. A collection of independents are scattered throughout Melbourne east, some of which are very popular with the local community. Many of the funeral homes on the east-side can be found in Dandenong, Doncaster, Ferntree Gully, Ashburton, Coburg and Camberwell. We have included as many of these companies in the list of Melbourne funeral directors below.

South East Suburbs

The south-east is a unique and diverse area of Melbourne. While funeral homes located in the CBD and eastern suburbs will offer services in the south, there some funeral homes that are located in areas like Mornington and Frankston, Pakenham, Berwick and Cranbourne South. Some of them are the bigger names in the industry - but many independents are also positioned in this scenic Victorian location. Popular cemeteries in this area of Melbourne include Cheltenham Cemetery, Brighton General Cemetery and Springvale Botanical Cemetery.

Western Suburbs

The western side of Melbourne is densely populated and serviced by many of the major brands like Le Pine Funerals, White Lady and Simplicity Funerals. With an abundance of cemeteries to choose from, the western suburbs is often chosen by families for the farewell of a loved one. Some of the companies listed below will also service Geelong and surrounding suburbs.

How much does a funeral cost in Melbourne?

The cost of a funeral in Melbourne will vary greatly. While a lot of the cost involved is based on the extra's for the funeral such as flowers and catering, there are parts that funeral itself that some funeral directors charge more for than others. The cost of a funeral can vary from $2,500 to more than $10,000 all depending on your needs and expectations. Speaking with different companies or requesting quotes is the best way to find out the exactly how much the funeral will cost. Almost every company will have packages available to view on their website or in their office. You can request to tailor or modify these packages to create a funeral that suits your needs and your budget.
Where possible, we have tried to include pricing information on each of the listings below. Unfortunately some companies do not offer this information, so contacting them directly is the next best option if you're looking for funeral prices. We have also tried to include the services offered by each of the funeral homes and the areas that they service.

Comparing Funeral Homes

While it may not appear simple to begin with, comparing providers is easier than you think. There are a couple of factors that differentiate funeral homes. The main and most obvious is price. While it may be safe to assume that choosing the cheapest funeral director is a good idea, it is important to take a look at a couple of other factors before making your decision.

  • Inclusions: What costs are included in the funeral packages you are reviewing. Are there any hidden fees or additional charges for services outside of those detailed in the package. Are you allowed to customise the inclusions of the package? For example, can you change the coffin to a casket? Can you select a different chapel or venue for the funeral service?

  • Transfers: Some funeral directors will offer complimentary transfer of the deceased within a certain distance (eg. within 100 kilometers). Others have a pricing schedule that outlines the costs for transfers. Remember that the deceased will usually undergo at least two journeys - from the place of passing to the funeral parlour, and from the funeral parlour to the crematorium or cemetery.

  • Embalming: It is wise to find out the cost of embalming from your funeral director. While it happens rarely, delays in the burial or cremation of your loved one may necessitate the embalming of their body. Some providers are significantly cheaper than others.

  • Ownership: The ownership of a funeral home is a consideration for some families. In Australia most funeral homes are owned by Invocare (a publicly listed company that members of your family may hold shares or superannuation in). Independent, family owned providers also operate and are equally as dignified and professional.

Tips to Help You Choose a Funeral Director

The very first thing we recommend you do is find out if the deceased had made any funeral pre-arrangements. These arrangements can include Final Expenses Insurance, Life Insurance, Funeral Insurance, a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan and even information about funeral care contained within the will. If the passing was expected, some individuals discuss a preferred funeral director with their loved ones. So speak with the rest of the family before deciding on a funeral director. If no arrangements had been made, no insurance policy was taken out, and there was no discussion about a preffered company, the following is a great step-by-step process to help you choose a funeral director in Melbourne.

  1. What type of service is required? While most traditional funeral homes offer both cremation and burial services, there are companies out there that specialise solely in cremation services. They may not necessarily be any cheaper than a full-service funeral director, so always request quotes.

  2. When is the service required? Most of the time, the funeral will be held within 7 days of passing. Some religions require no more than 48 hours - which can increase the pressure on families when making funeral arrangements. The urgency of the funeral will usually dictate the amount of effort that can be put into choosing the best funeral director.

  3. What funds are available? While some individuals may pass with a healthy bank balance, others may not. In addition, the settlement of the estate can take months, even years. This means that even if the deceased was in possession of assets, the sale of these assets and disbursements are likely to occur long after the funeral costs are due. Quite often the family is left with the responsibility of pooling funds to cover the funeral costs. By working out the maximum cash available to spend on the funeral is a great way to avoid being caught with unexpected costs. This will also allow you to choose a company that meets your needs on the budget available.

  4. Get quotes! Requesting obligation-free funeral quotes during this time is advisable. This allows you to focus on the emotional support for your family and friends. Requesting quotes from a couple of funeral directors will allow you to compare the different packages and costs. Most companies will email you these prices so you can review them at a time that suits you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are funeral prices in Melbourne regulated by the Governement?
No, funeral prices will differ between funeral homes. Some companies will charge more for particular parts of the funeral package, while others will charge less. It's important that you understand the average funeral cost before signing any paperwork.

Should we choose a cremation or burial service?
This is a personal decision that should be made with close family members. If no instructions were left by the deceased, there is no wrong or right option. Often a cremation service will cost less than a burial - but burials are becoming more competitive and ongoing fees for plot maintenance are not very common.

Where will the body of our loved one be kept?
Most funeral homes will have the facilities on premise to keep your loved one in a safe and dignified environment until they are buried or cremated. By caring for your loved one in-house at the funeral home, your chosen funeral director can make arrangements promptly and efficiently.

Do we need to proceed with the funeral director that collected the body?
Unless you (the invoice recipeint) have signed an agreement with that funeral director, no you don't. Sometimes nursing homes, hospitals and care facilities have agreements with funeral homes. These agreements mean that there is a preferred company that is called first by the facility. While this is often done in good faith, there is no obligation for you to proceed with that particular company.

What if death occured away from home, outside of Melbourne?
This happens more often than you would think. Death abroad (be it interstate or internationally) is handled using a process known as Repatriation. Most funeral directors will have the contacts required to arrange the transportation of your loved one. There are plenty of options available for you, so speak with your chosen funeral director about their recommendations and the resources available.

What do we do with the ashes after cremation?
The ashes are usually provided to your family in an urn. Some families choose to keep this somewhere safe within the family home. Others like the idea of scattering the ashes in a final goodbye. There are also options available through cemeteries offering Columbarium Walls (where the ashes are stored behind a plaque in a brick wall), as well as cremation plots (locations in a cemetery that can be purchased for the burying of ashes, usually in a garden).

How do I find the cheap funeral directors in Melbourne?
It's well known that different companies will charge different prices. While some are much cheaper than others - it is important that you look into exactly what services you need. If you can reduce the amount of inclusions in the service, naturally the funeral will become cheaper. The cheap funeral directors in Melbourne are usually the family owned and operated businesses. They can keep their overheads to a minimum and pass those savings on to you in the form of a low-cost funeral. While some companies will advertise budget funeral packages, there are others that you can negotiate with to find the best deal for you. By requesting a funeral quotes using a quote request website, you will be able to compare the prices of up to three funeral directors. If you include in the request that you are looking for an affordable funeral - they may tailor your quote to meet that. Once you receive your quotes, you will be able to compare the funeral prices and discover which company offers cheap funerals in Melbourne.

Funeral Venues

There are six major funeral venues in Melbourne. Your chosen Funeral Director will be able to make reservations at any of these venues (subject to availability). Some Funeral Directors also have their own chapel or hall on premise (which can reduce the cost of the service if there is a tight budget).

  • Templestowe Cemetery (263 Foote Street, Templestowe VIC 3106). This chapel will seat up to 80 guests.

  • Lilydale Memorial Park (126 Victoria Road, Lilydale VIC 3140). This venue will seat up to 100 guests.

  • Fawkner Memorial Park (1187 Sydney Road, Fawkner VIC 3060). The largest of their chapels will seat up to 140 guests.

  • Springvale Botanical Cemetery (600 Princes Highway, Springvale VIC 3171). This venue is the largest and can accommodate up to 195 guests.

  • Altona Memorial Park (2-14 Dohertys Road, Altona North VIC 3025). This chapel will seat up to 80 guests.

  • Bunurong Memorial Park (790 Frakston-Dandenong Road, Dandenong South VIC 3175) This venue will seat up to 100 guests.

There are also plenty of churches located around Melbourne that offer their facilities to families looking for a religious ceremony. If you are part of a religious group - you should speak with the head of your parish or group about the use of the community facilities.

Funeral Directors in Melbourne

Below is a list of funeral directors that offer services in the greater Melbourne area.


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