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In Perth, families can choose from a number of funeral homes that offer cremation and burial services to the public. The hardest part is choosing which funeral director suits your family best. Some families will be looking for a budget funeral, while others will be in search of a funeral home that can create an extravagant celebration of life for their loved one. We have created a list of funeral directors that service the greater Perth region, to make the task of finding a provider just that little bit easier. Remember that you can always request quotes from funeral directors before you make any commitment to a particular company.

Choosing a Local Funeral Company

As you would already know, there are hundreds of funeral directors in the Perth area. So how do you find the best one for you? Some people like to search the web and look at review websites to read what others have had to say. While others Will speak with friends and family to find out who they recommend. Our website provides a full list of funeral directors in Perth. Where possible we have tried to include pricing information, and any reviews from families that have used the listed funeral homes. If you are unfamiliar with the area, there are some of the larger brands offering services in Perth. For example, White Lady Funerals is a large brand that offers funeral services in Perth. Most of the funeral homes in Perth, will offer very similar services. However, prices are likely to vary. Some of the funeral directors listed on our site advertise heavily in the local print media as well as on the radio and television. At the end of the day, you need to feel comfortable with the funeral home you have chosen. This kind of decision is very personal, but researching before making a decision is wise.

Prepaid Funerals Perth

In Perth there are many companies that offer prepaid funerals. Some of these companies include the larger brands, whilst others include local independents and family owns companies. Some may think that choosing a funeral director is easy, however finding one that suits your needs and budget can be more difficult than you'd think. The first thing you need to consider is the cost. What is your budget? Where is the funeral to be held? Is the service I cremation or a burial? All of these are contributing factors, and should be considered before choosing a funeral director. Another thing to consider is the requirements of the funeral service. Will you provide transport for family and friends, or will you cater for the funeral or have a catering company do that for you. The funeral home will help you establish exactly what you want in the funeral, and create a package based on your needs. They will then propose a couple of different payment options for your prepaid funeral. Well some providers may allow you to make the payments over a period of years, others may require the payment be made up front for over a period of months. Below you will find a list of funeral directors that offer prearranged funerals. While some may be more expensive than others, we recommend you contact a number of funeral directors before making a decision about which funeral home you will choose for your prepaid funeral.

Budget Funerals

If it's a low cost funeral you're seeking, most local funeral companies will offer a competitive option. The increasing popularity of No Service Funerals / Direct Cremations / No Service No Attendance / NSNA Services means that funeral homes in Perth are moving with the times. Many of these services can be offered sub $4,000, so requesting a quote from a few of your preferred options is a great way to start.

Below is a list of Funeral Directors that service the Perth area and surrounding suburbs.


There are 7 Funeral Directors that match your search.

Ladies Funerals

  • Reviews

A ladies funeral is a choice for many Australians. Finding the perfect funeral director for you isn't always easy, but by narrowing down the selection and opting for a ladies funeral, you can alleviat...

Bowra & O'Dea

  • Reviews
  • 68 Stirling St, Perth WA

Bowra and O'Dea have been servicing the Perth community for more than four generations. With their highest standards of professional ethics, they are known as the premium choice in funeral care for th...

White Lady Funerals

  • Reviews

White Lady Funerals is one of Australia's best known funeral service providers. They provide a professional, woman's understanding to all communities in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide....

Simplicity Funerals

  • Reviews

Simplicity Funerals have locations in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. A large network of locations means that there is surely a Simplicity Funeral home near you....

Purslowe Funerals

  • Reviews
  • 15 Scarborough Beach Road, NORTH PERTH WA 6006

Your local community funeral directors that understand saying goodbye is difficult. A member of the InvoCare network, Purslowe have been helping families in Western Australia for 110 years....

Reflection of Life Funerals

  • Reviews
  • 139 Winton Rd, Joondalup. WA 6027

Reflection of Life Funerals services the Perth area with offices located in Joondalup, Balcatta and Landsdale. Local family owned funeral care business....