5 Ways to Save on Funeral Costs in 2018

At one point or another, each of us with have to make funeral arrangements. More often than not, these arrangements are for our closest of loved ones. So how do keep a funeral dignified and respectful, while at the same time try to keep the cost of a funeral reasonable?

In Australia the average cost of a funeral service is $6,500. A burial will increase the cost of the funeral, while a cremation service or no-service funeral will reduce the cost. Below we have outlined some of the ways you can reduce the cost of a funeral simply by making choices that are better suited to the needs of both you and the family.

1. Coffin or Casket

The coffin or casket will contribute significantly to the cost of the funeral. Caskets are the most expensive, starting at around $2,200 for a basic option, and increasing to more than $300,000 for some of the most extravagant caskets sold in Australia. A coffin is a cheaper option, will involve less detail and is better for the environment. These days coffins can be printed and decorated to represent the life of your loved one. To reduce the funeral price even more, a cardboard coffin is the most cost effective option for saving on funeral costs.

2. Burial or Cremation

In Brisbane the cost of a burial plot can range from $1,200 to more than $45,000 depending on the location chosen. These costs are even higher in Sydney and Melbourne. A cremation service is a much cheaper option, with the average cost of a cremation service in Brisbane sitting at around $5,400. A burial service is no more dignified than a cremation service. While religion may dictate the ideal final disposition, the family should consider their needs and financial situation before making a choice based purely on their religion.

3. Get Funeral Quotes

Shopping around is one the best ways to ensure you are getting the best price for the funeral. It’s also important that you let the funeral director know that you are indeed shopping around, so they provide you with their best price based on your service needs. Most of us would shop around to find the best price for a lounge suite, or a new computer. A funeral is no different, speak with multiple funeral directors or use our website to request a funeral quote from multiple funeral directors conveniently online.

4. Request a Detailed Price List

Some funeral directors will provide a quote with a single number, being the total cost of the funeral. You should request your funeral director provide you with a detailed list, itemising each cost associated with the funeral. This ensures two things. The first is you are able to identify the true cost of each part of the funeral, and compare this with other funeral quotes you receive. The second, is that you are able to modify the quote to suit your needs and eliminate any unnecessary fees or charges that you identify.

5. Don’t get the Up-Sell

There are elements of the funeral that may be included, but not needed. Some of these include expensive flowers, embalming, newspaper and online notices, funeral limousines and coffin modifications. These extras can increase the cost of a funeral by hundreds and thousands of dollars. Reducing the extras will ensure the funeral price you pay is minimal and you’re not paying for service inclusions that you don’t need.


Finally, don’t forget to negotiate. Just like any business, a funeral home will generally negotiate to ensure a family receives the service they need at a reasonable price. Use our website to search around for funeral directors that serve your local area, or request quotes from businesses near you.


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