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Welcome to another funeral information guide by funeraldirectorsaustralia.com.au. Here are the points we will cover in this guide to help you learn more about affordable cremation options in Australia.

  • Why cremations are becoming more popular
  • The benefits of a cremation service
  • Why cremation is a more affordable option
  • How to arrange the cheapest cremation with our Top 5 Tips

When someone says the word “cheap” some of us cringe, particularly when it’s mentioned in the same sentence as “funeral”. While the stigma of going budget on a funeral may sway some to spend a small fortune – you’re certainly not alone in wanting to find the best price for the funeral of a loved one.

In fact, Australian’s are one of the leading countries in adopting cremation as their preferred choice. One of the major influences of the growing trend toward cremation services is that they are significantly cheaper than a burial service.

With so many choices now available to families it’s easier than ever to save on funeral costs by choosing a cremation service. Funeral directors in Australia have been offering low-cost options since the early 2000s and the decrease in popularity of burial services has made consumers more aware of the price benefits of this final disposition. One could say that getting funeral quotes and prices and shopping around for cheap funerals is becoming a bit of an Australian past-time.

So, let’s take a look into why cremations are cheaper, and what it is that makes them more affordable than their traditional counterpart at the moment. Let’s also look at some of the ways you can save on cremation costs with our Top 5 Tips.

Cremations appeal to modern families

While a memorial service is still the leading farewell in Australia, a cremation offers a flexibility that suits modern families. Often there are members of the immediate family that live in different countries and returning for a funeral with a day or two of notice is simply impossible.

A cremation gives time for the whole family to gather at a time that is practical. It is very common particularly in Melbourne and Sydney for a cremation to be booked as soon as possible, but for funeral service to be held a week or two after the passing. It gives the family time make the necessary arrangements without the pressure of time. The passing of a loved one can be very distressing, so the comfort offered by this type of funeral is priceless.

A farewell that is more unique

We have all heard someone complain about the structure of a funeral service they’ve recently attended. “The flowers were beautiful… but the funeral service was exactly the same as Mum’s!” This is because the time restrictions on a burial service can cause families to choose leave a lot of the service arrangement up to their local priest. This reduces the number of personal touches added to the readings, the song choices and the general structure of the funeral service.

By choosing an affordable cremation, the family has more time to create a farewell that is unique, different and well suited to the loved one they have just lost. It should also be said that being a part of the service and contributing toward the elements of the funeral service are great ways to cope with grief.

More choices and more affordable

Yes, it probably sounds unusual but you get far more choices by selecting a cremation service. It offers great choices that have been impossible in the past. Some of them include:

  • Have the service anywhere you like, ashes are easy transport and require no specialist equipment.
  • Have the service whenever you like, time is no longer a factor in determining when you say goodbye.
  • Have your loved one turned into a diamond – yes it really can be done!
  • More meaningful ways of being able to say farewell, through scattering the ashes in a symbolic way.
  • Beautiful urns can be sourced from all over the world or make and decorate one with the family.
  • Say goodbye in more places – some people choose to scatter the ashes in multiple locations.
  • Keep the loved one with you forever, by keeping the ashes somewhere special.

Cremations are cheaper

On average, a cremation service in Australia can end up being to half the price of a traditional burial service. That is a saving of thousands of dollars. The plot of land is a cost that many families don’t consider until the decision to commit to burial has already been made. The preparation is much less for a cremation as it does not involve embalming. This reduces the professional fees charged by the Funeral Director as less of their time is committed to preparation.

Our Top 5 Tips for a cheaper cremation service

While real estate in Sydney in particular is sky high (closely followed by Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane) the cost of a burial plot has also increased. It is not unusual in some suburbs to hear of families spending upwards of AU$15,000 on a burial plot in some of the most highly sought after cemeteries in the country. You may have heard that funeral prices in Australia are exceptionally high, so we want to share some cost-cutting ideas with you. Here are our top 5 tips on lowering the cost of a funeral.

1. Request prices and get cremation quotes

The prices between different funeral directors can vary a lot. By requesting quotes from funeral directors you are able to compare and make a decision that is well informed. You will be able to see the different inclusions offered by each of the funeral homes while gaining a better understanding of what would be considered cheaper, average and expensive in the funeral industry.

You can also use our website to find funeral directors to request cremation quotes from. Our website includes a rating system and reviews that can help you with your research. Below are links to a list of funeral directors in our major capital cities.

Click your nearest city to find a list of funeral directors local to you:

Once you have a found the funeral companies that suit your needs, you can begin contacting them to request cremation quotes.

If you want to know more about a particular funeral company, you can read funeral director reviews on our site or use our star rating system to rank the companies based on feedback.

Use the shortlist system to find funeral companies that offer direct cremations, then view the funeral director reviews using the star ratings from 1 to 5.

2. Consider an environmentally friendly coffin

Okay, yes that is a fancy way of describing what is also known as a cardboard coffin. Don’t be fooled, they are thick, strong, well manufactured and perform just as well as a wooden coffin or casket. But they are up to 90% cheaper than an entry level casket. Environmentally friendly coffins are available through most local funeral directors. This tip will save your credit card and the environment.

3. Offer to help your funeral director

There are lots of small things that really bulk up that final invoice. The passing of a loved one will trigger the need for someone to spend a lot of time performing or arranging documents, transport, postage, printing, phone calls – the list goes on. You can make a cremation service cheaper simply by offering to help with some of the things that you would do ordinarily anyway. Offer to collect the ashes from your chosen funeral home instead of having them delivered, or arrange the service flowers with a friend instead of adding it to the funeral directors duties. The savings will add up to a cremation service that is cheaper and well organised.

4. Plan ahead with a pre-paid funeral

Pre-paid funerals are no longer only available for burial services. You can now pre-pay and pre-arrange a cremation service. That means you can lock in today’s prices and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with planning ahead. It’s easy to do – request funeral quotes from local funeral directors and ask them about pre-payment options. Secure an affordable funeral for the future with this thoughtful option available from corporate and independent funeral homes alike.

5. Ask for a direct cremation

Nowadays almost every funeral home will have a direct cremation package. It’s a no-frills low-cost service that involves the funeral director taking your loved one into their care, booking a cremation outside of peak hours and returning the loved one’s ashes in a way that is convenient for the family. They are simple, easy to arrange an very budget-friendly. There is no service to arrange nor attend. The farewell or memorial service is left for the family to arrange at a time that suits them.

We hope you have found our tips useful in your search for cremation services that are affordable. If you are yet to choose a funeral director or want to know more information about funeral directors in your local area, we have included some useful above.

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