How to Find the Cheap Funerals in Australia
  • Charles Berry & Son Funeral Directors

    Berry Funerals is one of Adelaide’s family owned and operated funeral directors. Specialising in dignified cremation and burial services, Berry Funerals is an important part of the Adelaide community. The commitment to service that was first established in 1934 has remained to this day, and is evident in the daily operation at Berry Funerals in Norwood. An attention to detail is something that separates Berry Funerals from the rest. They know that a personal and professional service for every family earns them the respect they receive from the local community.

    Irrespective of your needs, the consultants at Berry Funerals are available 24 hours a day to help you with your needs. They are there to answer any questions you may have, or provide advice that is unique to your current situation. Contact the team at Charles Berry & Son Funeral Director today.

    Berry Funerals

    Charles Berry and Son Funeral Directors recently received a name change to a shorter and more modern moniker. Berry Funerals demonstrates a constant need to grow and develop in all facets. They are determined to stay ahead of the rest of the funeral industry, by ensuring their families are treated with the highest calibre of service and warmest of care. The facilities at Berry Funerals are modern and their fleet of funeral vehicles is first class.

    Every single funeral performed by Berry Funerals is done based on the requests of the family. They take the time to understand your needs, and work to create a farewell that is both contemporary and respectful. They can assist with every aspect of the funeral from selecting a cremation or burial service, to choosing the clergy and producing DVD presentations.

    Contact Berry Funerals by phone or over the internet to find out more about their services, and how their team of experienced funeral directors can help you.


  • Signature Funeral Services

    Signature Funeral Services understands the absolute core of a families need when a loved one passes on. That core need is a simple and dignified farewell. And it is this understanding that has propelled Signature Funeral Services into the minds and hearts of families in need. Over the years, Signature Funerals has come to be household name in Adelaide. Their low cost funerals have been embraced even by some of South Australia’s wealthiest families. That’s because an affordable funeral does not mean a reduction in professionalism, compassion or care. Signature Funeral Services have the experience and professionalism you have come to expect from some of the largest funeral directors in the country. They treat your family as they would their own, helping every individual in any way possible during a time of such loss.

    Signature Funeral Services offer packages to suit all budgets. Their style of farewell is contemporary, but that’s not to say they don’t offer full service and traditional funerals.

    Signature Funeral Arrangements

    Signature Funeral Services believes that planning ahead is important for two reasons. It offers peace of mind to you, and it displays consideration for your family and friends. It is about ensuring the burden doesn’t fall on those that are closest to you, at a time when they are most vulnerable.

    Pre-planning is available at Signature Funeral Services, as is pre-payment. Both forms of planning ahead will involve selecting a funeral director, choosing burial or cremation, selecting the service type, choosing the funeral venue and celebrant, the style of coffin or casket and any floral arrangements.

    At Signature Funeral Services, once the funeral has been planned and the cost of the funeral has been established, you can lock the price in at today rate by prepaying the service up-front. These funds are held in trust until such a time that the monies are needed to cover funeral costs.

  • Clarke Family Funerals

    Clarke Family Funerals was founded by Colin Clarke in 2006. However, Colin first entered the funeral care industry in 1988. Clark Family Funerals is an independent funeral director committed to providing the Adelaide community with affordable funerals. Colin understood that there had to be a cheaper funeral option, that did not sacrifice on quality or service. The funeral packages offered by Clarke Family Funerals are simple and affordable, dignified cremation and burial packages. There are more than 20 in total to choose from, and the service can be tailored to your needs and budget.

    Colin personally meets with you to make the funeral arrangements, either in your home or at the Clarke Family Funerals office. The office is located in the Distinctive Funerals building in West Hindmarsh. With Clarke Family Funerals, all funeral costs are illustrated up-front, so there are no hidden fees. Colin always provides honest and clear advice to help families make choices when there are so many decisions that need to be made.

    Clarke Family Funerals Packages

    With more than 20 packages to choose from, the professional team at Clarke Family Funerals will help you select the best suited package for you. They have everything from traditional religious funeral services right through to direct cremations. Their direct cremations packages start from a few thousand dollars, which includes the coffin, cremation fee, death certificate, transfers and a private viewing. If something a little more up-market is required, the service can be held at Centennial Park or Enfield. Colin has professional relationships with the operators of both chapel facilities, which means your family receives the highest standard of care and hospitality whilst using these chapels.

    Clarke Family Funerals also offers Church Services. These start at around three thousand dollars, and can be held at your choice of church. Colin and the team have experience in serving the needs of the Polish, Italian, Greek, Serbian and Asian communities. For those seeking burial services, there are a number of locations that can be chosen. The main choices include Centennial Park, Western Suburbs Chapel, Church of choice, Enfield Chapels or graveside at the cemetery. A graveside funeral is also considered somewhat a green funeral choice for families in Adelaide. Further information is available on the Clark Family Funerals website.

  • Elliott Funeral Services

    Elliott Brothers Funerals is one of the oldest funeral directors in Adelaide, established in 1850. Recognised as one of Adelaide’s most trusted funeral companies, Elliott Funeral Services provides a full suite of cremation and burial packages. They also offer memorial and pre-paid funeral services. Mortuary transfers, repatriations, interstate transfers, hearse hire, ash scattering ceremonies and cremation urns are some of the other services that Elliott Funeral Services offers the greater suburbs of Adelaide. Elliott Funeral Services also operate the Specialist Funeral Benefit Fund, which was founded in 1941 by the Grigg Family.

    The Specialist Funeral Benefit provided by Elliott Brothers gives people a way to contribute toward their funeral costs. A set price packaged is provided to the family at the time of death to make the funeral arrangements as wished by the deceased. For more information, contact Elliott Brothers Funeral Services in Adelaide.

  • Gardenia Funerals

    We are proud to embrace traditional values, diversity, and innovation in honouring the spirit and life of each person we serve. Michael, Director of Gardenia Funerals

    If you spend some time visiting the Gardenia Funerals website, you’ll come to learn quickly just how much detail matters at Gardenia. A quick chat with the team over the phone and you’ll feel the warmth and compassion of a truly experienced funeral director. A brief meet with the team and you’ll feel the relief that thousands of Melbourne families have felt, knowing their loved ones are cared for by Gardenia. Few funeral homes in Melbourne can come close to matching the quality Gardenia brings to a funeral service. Every single element of a Gardenia funeral is carefully pieced together to form an artful expression of a life worth celebrating. For this, Gardenia Funerals is known.

    As an established funeral home in Victoria, Gardenia Funerals offer their services across the greater Melbourne area. They offer a suite of information about their services on their website, they are also available for contact 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 03 9329 4024.

  • Tribute Funerals

    Affordable, Professional and Dignified

    Located in the western suburbs of Melbourne, Tribute Funerals is a well known and highly respected independent funeral home. It is 100% Australian owned and operated by members of the local community. While they have locations in the western suburbs, they actually service all areas of Melbourne, offering affordable and professional cremation and burial services.

    Something that truly sets Tribute Funerals apart is that they are an independent ‘Bricks and Mortar’ establishment. Unlike many other local funeral homes, Tribute have their own funeral chapel, mortuary and private reflection rooms. This means your loved one is cared for and celebrated in a single, secure location. In having their own chapel ensures that families requesting evening prayers, dressings and viewings will incur no additional costs. Of course, if you would prefer to hold the funeral at a different location (for example, your local Church or a private location) this can be arranged. Martin and the team have established relationships with many of the local Churches, community venues and chapels – so selecting and arranging the best location to celebrate the life of your loved one will seamless.

    Prices at Tribute Funerals

    Tribute Funerals is one of the areas most affordable funeral homes. They offer a full suite of packages (both cremation and burial) that can be completely tailored to the needs of you and your family. Tribute pride themselves on being the only funeral home in Melbourne’s west that offer ‘mid-ranged’ prices. They also offer pre-paid funerals for those seeking to plan ahead. This allows you to lock-in an affordable funeral at today’s prices. At Tribute, that doesn’t mean you have to lock-in the exact service. Martin and the team know that things change, so if you decide later down the track that a green funeral would be better suited, Tribute can make arrangements to accommodate that. Flexibility and understanding are two qualities Tribute Funerals are renowned for.

    Eco-Friendly Funerals

    More and more families are choosing to reduce their carbon footprint by choosing an eco-friendly funeral. Tribute Funerals have some very affordable environmentally-friendly packages that have been created at the request of families that have honoured them with the care of their loved ones. It’s all about making the funeral selection process as easy as possible for their families.

    At Tribute, eco-friendly funerals offer families the choice of selecting a coffin made of renewable plantation timbers or recycled cardboard. With packages starting at less than $3,000 – they are friendly to both the environment and the funeral budget. Remember that all of the packages offered by Tribute can be customised to suit your needs. Your funeral director at Tribute will take the time to understand the needs and requests of everyone involved, and tailor the funeral as desired.

    Melbourne Repatriations

    Get your loved one returned home. Many funeral directors in Melbourne do not offer repatriation services. Fortunately, Tribute Funerals have a specialist department that provides efficient and prompt care to families requiring repatriation services. Repatriation services offered by Tribute Funerals are comprehensive, and they include:

    • Domestic or Interstate Repatriation (between Australian states)
    • Outbound International Repatriation (from Australia to another country)
    • Inbound International Repatriation (from another country to Australia)

    Whatever your needs, please feel free to phone Tribute Funerals directly on 03 9449 5236.


  • Melbourne Cremation Service

    Experienced staff, a commitment to service and the exceeding of expectations is what Melbourne Cremation Service is all about. A full service funeral home offering a range of cremation packages, funeral planning, bereavement support and heartfelt advice. Their pricing is transparent and all quotes are provided without any hidden costs. They offer a truly innovative and personalised funeral service to help you and your family in your time of need.

    Affordable Direct Cremations

    As one of Melbourne’s only funeral homes dedicated to cremation, MCS is known for affordable and dignified direct cremations. With a number of packages sure to suit every budget, MCS is Melbourne’s fastest growing cremation provider.

    With everything under one roof – Melbourne Cremation Service is available for contact 24/7 on their local number – 03 9329 4024.

  • Jeffrey Brothers Funerals

    When emotion and sadness takes hold, there is one family that knows how to help. The Jeffrey family has been helping Sydney come to terms with the loss of a loved one for many years. Their loyal families always return, knowing that the dignified service they receive from Jeffrey Brothers Funerals is exceptional. Time and time again, Jeffrey Brothers is the funeral director of choice in the greater Sydney and Metropolitan area.

    The Jeffrey Brothers Funerals brand is well known, the family is large, and they have been in the area for a very long time. Their services are extravagant and the respect they provide is echoed in the memorials they arrange. Through dedication, hard work, a commitment to the industry and of course the families they serve. All staff are professionally trained, in the signature compassionate way that is Jeffrey Brothers. Mortuary care and transportation needs are provided for in-house. With team members dedicated to ensuring the quality and respect provided in each funeral they perform keeps them a market leader in Sydney.

    Jeffrey Brothers Services

    With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Jeffrey Brothers have packaged up some of the best features of a funeral and included it for very reasonable rates. They have burial packages that range from a simple graveside service, all the way through to a church or chapel service with transportation of the family and friends. There are also cremation packages available, again, ranging from a simple family-only service right through to a more elaborate memorial service with members of the greater community in attendance.

    Prepaid, or pre-arranged funerals are also available at Jeffrey Brothers Funerals. They know that planning ahead is important in reducing the stress associated with a last-minute funeral, which is why they have very affordable and reasonable funeral packages to choose from. Their staff can come to you, or the arrangements can be made at one of their locations. A number of payment options are available, so have a chat with the team at Jeffrey Brothers about how they may be able to help you prepare for the inevitable.

    Jeffrey Brothers can be contacted directly on 1300 746 552.

  • Absolute Care Funerals

    Sydney funerals of dignity & value

    It is true that in today’s highly automated world, things have become easier and much faster to do. Unfortunately, they have also become mechanical and lack a personal touch. It is indeed saddening that even funeral services , that are such intimate celebrations of a loved one’s life, have become commercialized events. At Absolute Care Funerals, it is different.

    When you are planning to organize a memorable funeral service for a loved one, you would certainly need the assistance and understanding of a professional service. absolute care funerals are a family run business that understands the importance of planning a funeral service just the way you want it, intimate and dignified.

    At Absolute Care Funerals, they fully empathize with your sense of loss and strive to ensure that your ceremony to bid the final farewell to your loved one is a memorable and special one.

    How do they help you?

    They plan and conduct funerals of every kind. Whether you need a religious ceremony at your parish or prefer to have a quiet cremation, they are by your side to help you plan things. They arrange for coffins, hearse, legal documentation, pall bearers, music and the musicians, food and catering, florists and floral arrangements, order of service, minister, priest or celebrant.

    Sometimes, you may have to start preparing and planning for a funeral a little ahead when a loved member of a family or a friend could be receiving hospice care or is nearing their end. In such cases, the staff of Absolute Care Funerals will guide and help you with the necessary requirements and advice you on the protocols and procedures that have to be followed.

    As you battle your way through personal sorrow, Absolute Care Funerals will help ease that great responsibility of arranging a meaningful funeral service to your loved one. They will not only comply with all your preferences in the funeral service arrangements, but also offer advice to make sure the service is well planned and dignified. Apart from family members, the staff of absolute care funerals are also very efficient and are conversant with all the practices.

    What are the services offered?

    Absolute Care Funerals offers personalised funeral services in that the same person who contacts you at first will be with you and look after your needs throughout the funeral service so that you will never feel alone.

    Every funeral carried out by Absolute Care Funerals will involve the following

    • The funeral will be conducted by dedicated and experienced staff.
    • A booking in any of the Crematoriums or a graveside service at any cemetery in Sydney and the Central NSW.
    • The cremation fees or payment for the attendants to carry and lower at the graveside service (cemetery fees not included).
    • The transfer of your loved one to the premises of Absolute Care Funerals, and then carry the coffin to the burial or cremation site.
    • A standard coffin is provided.
    • All legal documentation will be taken care of.

    You will pay $2,800 for a basic funeral. Additional services can be tailored to individual preferences and will be charged separately. Family and friends are encouraged to participate in all the arrangements, whether it is a traditional commemorative service or a non-traditional gathering.

    Additional Services

    Absolute Care Funerals respects your close emotional bond with your loved one and allows you to decide how to carry out the services in a way that would best reflect your loved one’s life and ideals. Whatever be your faith or religion, they help you in all possible ways to organize a memorable and fitting funeral service for your loved one.

    Additional services include Death/ funeral notices, liaising with clergy and celebrants, co-ordinating churches/ chapels, floral tributes, mourning cars, music and viewings.

    Absolute Care Funerals offer 24 hour service, all days of the week and all through the year. You can be assured of a dignified and personalized funeral service.

    Call them on 1300 982 803

  • Bethel Funerals

    Bethel have changed the funeral industry significantly by offering an option to families that gives back to the community. Bethel is a non-for-profit organisation and turns funerals into a positive thing for the communities of Melbourne and Brisbane. While it’s not celebrated – giving back to the community when holding a funeral is a nice touch.

    The profits generated by Bethel are distributed to Christian mission organisations. This allows them to help with the spreading of the lords word, and his teachings. With the Christian understandings at Bethel, you can rest assured knowing that your family is in the hands of true followers of the lord. Their services are tailored to families of all denominations and budgets. Their staff are well trained and dedicated to ensuring that your family receives the care and attention in deserves. By supporting families in Victoria and Queensland, Bethel Funerals is a top choice for those looking to help the world through the implementation and support of Christian missions.

    If you’re wanting to arrange a funeral – the friendly staff at Bethel can help you with that too. Being prepared for the future is something that very few people consider. Those people that do consider the future will often find themselves at ease, with peace of mind about the future of their funeral affairs. The burden on their families is minimised or eliminated completely.

    Should you be considering Bethel Funerals Brisbane, or Bethel Funerals Melbourne as your funeral director, please contact them directly on

    (07) 3219 9333 – Bethel Funerals Brisbane (Springwood)

    (03) 9873 8866 – Bethel Funerals Melbourne (Mitcham)

    (03) 8787 7255 – Bethel Funerals Melbourne (Carrum Downs)