Invocare Funeral Directors

Invocare is a publicly listed company in Australia that owns and operates several large funeral care brands. These funeral homes are locally managed by funeral directors that have experience and expertise in their area. If you are interested in investing in InvoCare (ASX:IVC) you can find out more at or by visiting and searching "IVC".

With more than 1100 funeral homes servicing the Australian market, InvoCare controls aproximately half of this market. With more than 270 funeral homes across the country, operating under more than 33 funeral care brands - it's no wonder you will have seen or heard of an InvoCare funeral brand.

Invocare (Innovation Vocation Care) is proud to hold the lead position as Australia's biggest funeral care provider. The company believes that in many ways, funeral homes are much like any other business and operate in competitive markets. By taking a different approach, a systemised yet personalised approach - Invocare is able to differentiate themselves from the competition. Constantly looking for ways to improve their service and spread - Invocare actively seek the acquisition of enterprises that compliment their funeral care services. While a lot of their acquisitions in the past have been the purchase of existing funeral homes (with large portfolios of prepaid or prearranged funerals) - their focus is shifting toward technology to enhance their existing services.

While they are most commonly known for the ownership of funeral homes, they also have a diverse asset base inclusive of cemeteries and crematoria. Some 14 cemeteries and crematoria in New South Wales and Queensland are owned by the company. The facilities are exceptionally maintained and offer families a place of tranquility and memories. Maintenance and upkeep of memorials and graves is offered with no ongoing cost. This makes the cemeteries under Invocare's ownership completely different to that of other cemeteries.

Invocare Brands & Locations

Invocare own and operate many brands in Australia. In addition to 16 cemeteries and crematoria, they operate 3 major funeral care brands nationally, these include White Lady Funerals, Value Cremations and Simplicity Funerals. They also operate more than 30 regional brands in various cities and major town centres. These brands are listed below.

New South Wales & Australian Capital Territory
Guardian Funerals, WN Bull Funerals, Liberty Funerals, Allan Drew Funerals, David Lloyd Funerals, Universal Chung Wah Funeral Directors, Hansen & Cole Funeral Providers, Ann Wilson Funerals & Tobin Brothers Funeral Directors

Metropolitan Funerals, George Hartnett Funerals, Gatton Laidley Lowood Funeral Services, Drysdale Funerals, Beaudesert Funerals, Somerville Funerals, Hiram Philp Funerals, City Funerals, Mackay Funerals & Burkin Svendsens Funerals.

South Australia
Blackwell Funerals

Turnbull Funerals

Le Pine Funerals, WD Rose & Joseph Allison Funerals, Tuckers Funerals &  Southern Cross Funerals

Western Australia
Mareena Purslowe Funerals, Purslowe Funerals, Chipper Funerals, Oakwood Funerals, Christian Funerals & Green Endings by Oakwood Funerals

InvoCare or Independent Funeral Directors?

Below you will find a list of some of the brands that are operated by InvoCare. They offer professional services just the same as independent funeral directors. A well established and recognised brand is the common draw card for families that choose an InvoCare funeral. The staff are trained by the organisation meaning a consistent level of service will be offered by choosing an InvoCare funeral home.

That said, an independent or family owned funeral home will provide you with equally professional service. They may also be more flexible and offer solutions that are more tailored to your needs. Our website has information on funeral homes that are both independently or family owned, as well as those owned by InvoCare.

If you are looking a funeral director in the major cities, please follow the links below:

Brisbane Funeral Directors | Melbourne Funeral Directors | Sydney Funeral Directors | Perth Funeral Directors

If you are looking to find some of the InvoCare funeral care brands, these are listed below.


There are 9 Funeral Directors that match your search.

Blackwell Funerals

  • Reviews
  • 33 Sandpiper Cres, Aberfoyle Park SA 5159, Australia

Blackwell Funerals is a part of the InvoCare group. Proudly servicing Adelaide with 7 locations including Aberfoyle Park, Glenside, Paradise, Payneham, Prospect, Rosewater and Torrensville....

WD Rose Funeral Directors

  • Reviews
  • Werribee, Victoria, Australia

Joseph Allison is a respected brand in Melbourne, which is why it is no wonder that the WD Rose brand is so popular with the local community. ...

WN Bull Funerals

  • Reviews
  • 164 King Street Suburb, State, Postcode: NEWTOWN, NSW, 2042

WN Bull Funerals is one of Sydney's oldest funeral care brands. Now a member of InvoCare, the funeral directors at WN Bull have been helping local families for more than 120 years. It doesn't matter i...

Guardian Funerals

  • Reviews

Guardian Funerals is one of Sydney's oldest and most established funeral service providers. They offer a network of Australian owned funeral homes, providing funeral services in Sydney with suburbs an...

Le Pine Funerals

  • Reviews

Le Pine Funerals is one of Melbourne's longest serving funeral homes, operating in Australia since 1891. The company is a proud member of Invocare and operates in excess of 20 funeral homes in the Mel...

Metropolitan Funerals

  • Reviews

A proud member of Invocare, Metropolitan Funerals offer professional funeral care services in Brisbane city and the greater Brisbane region. Locations throughout the area ensure that there is a Metrop...

White Lady Funerals

  • Reviews

White Lady Funerals is one of Australia's best known funeral service providers. They provide a professional, woman's understanding to all communities in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide....

Simplicity Funerals

  • Reviews

Simplicity Funerals have locations in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. A large network of locations means that there is surely a Simplicity Funeral home near you....

Purslowe Funerals

  • Reviews
  • 15 Scarborough Beach Road, NORTH PERTH WA 6006

Your local community funeral directors that understand saying goodbye is difficult. A member of the InvoCare network, Purslowe have been helping families in Western Australia for 110 years....