Cheap Funerals

Cheap Funerals

What is a Cheap Funeral?

We often come across the question of “what is a cheap funeral?”. There are many definitions depending on the type of funeral that is being sought. For example, a cheap cremation would be significantly lower in cost than what a cheap burial would be. So the first question to ask is am I looking for a cremation service, or do I require a burial service. Once this has been established, you can then take a look at what inclusions you require. Do you need a service at all? If not, you would be seeking a no service funeral. No service funerals, also known as a direct cremation is the single most affordable funeral that is offered by funeral directors. It includes transportation of the deceased, a coffin or casket, the documentation required as well as the cremation itself. The ashes can be collected, couriered or delivered by your chosen funeral director.

Budget Funerals in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & Perth

Cheap Funeral Service

If you require a service, be it a small family gathering or something slightly larger, there will be additional costs. Having a service involves more cost for a number of reasons. The first is that there is a venue requited. Some crematoria and cemeteries will have venues on site that can be used, while others will require the service be held off site or at a nearby location. Funeral directors usually have a selection of venues that are cost-effective (if any cost at all). There is also cost associated with venue setup, equipment hire, staffing, the priest, minister or celebrant, as well as the funeral director. Transport is another cost that may arise, including transporting of the deceased. If family and friends require transport, these costs will also need to be factored in. Catering will also increase the cost of a funeral. Most of these additional requirements can be tailored or eliminated to make the funeral more affordable.

Families often think that a funeral needs to be quite large. This is not the case, and a simple ‘family’ or ‘family and close friends’ service will be significantly cheaper than holding a funeral service with a large number of attendees. A simple service is just as dignified as any other funeral service, so never feel obliged to have an opulent or extravagant service. Interesting to note is that some families opt for a cheap funeral at the request of the loved one that has passed. Sometimes this information is included in the will of the deceased, while at other times it can be a discussion had with a loved one before the passing. Many families take great pride in celebrating the life of a loved one in the true fashion that was requested. So speak with all family members and close friends about the wishes of the deceased, before considering an elaborate funeral service.

Burial or Cremation

As mentioned above, the biggest decision to make before making any funeral arrangements is the decision of whether a burial or cremation is requited. A burial can be two to three times the price of a cremation. Usually, burials are considered when there is a religious obligation to meet, or it was a direct request of the deceased. Sometimes, a burial may be chosen if a partner or parent was buried – and there is a wish for the plot to be shared. On this basis, the burial is performed on sentimental value versus cost-effectiveness.

Cremations are increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. The cost-effectiveness of a cremation is not the sole reason for their popularity. In Australia, families are more accepting of this form of farewell. For some, a cremation means a loved one can be close by. With beautifully decorative urns available, ashes sit on the mantles and sideboards of homes right around the country. A cremation is also much more flexible in terms of location. The cremation of a loved one can occur in one area, and the ashes can be safely transported to another area where a greater number of family and friends can celebrate life of the passed individual.

If no request was left by the deceased, the decision is made by the closest family. This decision is not easy to make, and counsel should be sought from extended family and close friends. There is no right or wrong decision, but a cremation is certainly a much more affordable option. Speak with your family Funeral Director about their cheaper cremation and burial packages. If you haven’t selected a family funeral director, request pricing information from a number of local companies to get an idea of the different services.

Cheap Funerals Sydney

The funeral industry in Sydney is fiercely competitive. With many larger companies having a strong foothold in the area, it’s increasingly common to see large differences between the cost of funeral packages offered by various funeral directors. Direct cremation and no service funeral packages are become more prevalent on the websites of Funeral Directors in Sydney. Other companies in Sydney offer these tyes of low-cost services, however may not advertise them to the public. Different companies will have different names for their affordable funeral packages. Some companies even have dedicated subsidiaries that offer cheaper funerals in their area.

Discount Funeral Cost

In Sydney, you will find the low-cost funeral options will vary from $2,300 to $4,500, depending on any inclusions and the timing of the funeral. Direct to cremation services will be closer to the $2,300 mark, while affordable burial services will be closer to the $4,500 price bracket.


If you are looking for a low-cost service with Sydney’s largest funeral provider, Invocare, it would be worth contacting Simplicity Funerals as they have many locations throughout Sydney. With various packages to choose from, you’re sure to find one that meets the needs of your family. Sydney has a large number of funeral care brands under the Invocare umbrella, so if you’re looking to choose this provider, request quotes from a couple of their different brands.


Independent Sydney funeral homes such as Paul Lahood FuneralsPerram & Timmins and Affinity Funerals all offer very competitively priced cheap funeral packages. Each of these funeral homes will ensure that quality is never sacrificed. For most, it’s about removing the excess fees and charges from additional options in many of todays elaborate funerals.

Cheap Funerals Melbourne

Believe it or not, Melbourne was the first major city in Australia to offer cheap funeral alternatives. They really have been the pioneers in ensuring that their community have a broad range of funeral packages to choose from. They understood that low-cost funeral options were not only appealing to those families restricted by budget, but also by families that wanted to better allocate funeral funds to help other family members, local charities and community organisations. Most independent Funeral Directors in Melbourne will provide some form of Direct Cremation or No Service Funeral.

Discount Funeral Cost

Melbourne’s cheapest funerals start at around $2,100, with most packages being offered from $2,600. It is important to note that these services are ‘Direct to Cremation’ with no service included. That being said, most funeral directors will offer a small gathering just prior to cremation if requested. There are legislative requirements that can cause some states and regions to slightly more expensive than other areas.


As mentioned above, most independent funeral homes in Melbourne will offer cheap funerals. They are not elaborate or fancy, but they meet the requirements of most families that choose to take one up. If you’re thinking of a simple funeral, contact a couple of local independent funeral directors and request quotes to find out what they include in their packages.

Cheap Funerals Brisbane

There are a select number of Funeral Directors in Brisbane that offer cheap funerals. While most of the well established brands maintain their pricing structure, there are companies that have entered the market to make the options available to families a little more competitive and consumer friendly. Budget options will vary from a simple direct cremation right through to a budget burial with a small graveside service. In Brisbane these sorts of packages will be called a ‘Discount Funeral’ or ‘Discount Cremation Service’. They are also known as ‘No Service, No Attendance’ with some of the companies that specialise in this type of funeral.

Discount Funeral Cost

In Brisbane, a discount funeral will start from $2,100 with most funeral homes. This will include collection, cremation and secure delivery of the ashes. Flowers, services and extra transportation will increase the cost of the funeral, but can be added if the family wishes.

Cheap Funerals Perth

Most Funeral Directors in Perth have been charging standard fees for many years. Newer entrants into the industry have proven that budget funerals are important in any area, and they have provided this option for families in search of a low-cost alternative. While Perth is dominated by independent funeral companies, some of the smaller companies offer the cheapest cremation services in the Australia. The popularity of these providers can be seen by taking a look through the local Perth newspapers.

These smaller independents have seen Melbourne and Sydney pave the way in budget funerals, and sought to bring the same Perth. The staff in these companies are professional, diligent, dignified and friendly. Some claim to be more than 20% cheaper than their competitors, so requesting quotes from a couple of funeral homes is strongly advised.

Discount Funeral Cost

A discount funeral in Perth will start from $1,850, which includes a basic coffin, cremation and usually a simple urn. Upgrades are available to select from in their funeral packages, so customisation is always an option.

Choosing a Low-Cost Funeral Director

Once you have established whether you need a burial or a cremation, the type of service you require, and the budget you have to work with, you can begin your search for a Funeral Director that can offer a funeral to suit your budget. Most funeral homes will have information about their pricing on their website. But the most efficient way of sourcing the ideal funeral director is by requesting funeral quotes. Ask a number of companies to email through a selection of funeral packages that meet your requirements. From here, you can establish which company will be the best choice for you. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions, or make requests that you feel may be out of the ordinary. You will find the funeral directors will be most obliging in helping you get the affordable funeral you require.


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