Complete Guide to Cremations in Brisbane

Guide to Cremations

Welcome to our complete guide on cremation services in Brisbane and the nearby areas. In this guide we are going to run through the following points:

  • The cremation services available in Brisbane
  • The cheapest cremation options in Brisbane
  • How to find a direct cremation funeral director
  • A summary of Brisbane direct cremation prices

This information is also relevant for suburbs in the following areas:

  • Brisbane Northern Suburbs
  • Redcliffe & Caboolture
  • Brisbane West
  • Brisbane South
  • Logan & Ipswich

1. Cremation services in Brisbane

More Queensland families are choosing a cheaper cremation as traditional funeral prices continue to rise. More than 50,000 funerals are performed every year. Only 44% of those funerals are burial. More than half of all Australians prefer ashes as their final disposition.

In Australia there are three main cremation service types, these include full-service cremations, single-service cremations and direct cremations. While the first two choices have been available in Brisbane for decades, direct cremations were introduced locally around 2015. All three options are common choices by Queenslanders who overall favour cremation over burial. However two of the choices in particular have seen a recent increase in popularity.

Single-service and direct cremations have become the most widely requested packages offered by funeral companies in Brisbane. There are even companies in Queensland that specialise in cremation-only services.

While it is true that both of these service types are cheaper, they also offer great benefits to the family and friends of the deceased.

Most popular cremation companies in Brisbane 2018

Featured Listing

  • If you are looking for a cremation service in Brisbane, Academy Funerals Brisbane is a popular choice for full-service and unattended cremations based on statistics from our website.

    Phone: 07 3261 8222

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2. The cheapest cremation options in Brisbane

Choosing an inexpensive funeral option is becoming increasingly common. There is nothing wrong with saving money on a funeral as long as you know the difference between the two cheaper cremation options. They are unlike a traditional funeral service and there are very few inclusions, but with that comes the flexibility of being able say farewell in a way that is unique.

A full-service cremation is a package offered by every funeral director listed on our website. It is the funeral you would be most familiar with involving a church service followed by a final farewell at the crematorium chapel. While these are much cheaper than a burial service, there are two other options that can reduce the funeral cost even more.

Single-service cremations

The first is a single-service cremation. As you have probably guessed, the funeral involves only one service and it is generally held at the crematorium. Because of the increase in demand for single-service cremations, many Brisbane crematoriums now have high-spec chapel facilities that are aptly suited for a farewell. Many families engage the services of a celebrant to give the funeral that traditional feel at the chapel. A full-service funeral director will almost always have a single-service package available as an option. Choosing a funeral company that offers full-service would be of benefit if you are looking to have a more traditionally themed and structured service at the crematorium.

Direct cremations / unattended cremations

In Brisbane a direct cremation is also known as a no-service funeral. In Melbourne and Sydney these are also known as ‘no service no attendance’  or ‘unattended cremations’. As the name suggests it is a cremation only. There will be no funeral service organised by your funeral director, they will purely take your loved one into their care and arrange the cremation.

A direct cremation invovles:

  1. Choosing a funeral director that offers direct cremations as their cheapest option.
  2. Appointing the funeral director to take your loved one into their care.
  3. The body of your loved one will be transported by the funeral director to the funeral home.
  4. The ashes will be returned to you by the funeral home or be made available for the family to collect.

Without a doubt, a direct cremation is Brisbane’s cheapest funeral package. A direct cremation is budget friendly because there are no funeral service costs. Our Guide to Cheap Cremations has more information about how to save money on a funeral. Learn more about cremation only prices and the cost of no-service funerals at the bottom of this page.

Most popular cremation services in Brisbane 2018

Single-Service Cremation
Traditional /Full-Service Cremation
Direct Cremation

3. How to book a direct cremation in Brisbane

It all starts with finding a funeral director that has a direct cremation package. Be mindful that not all funeral homes offer this type of service. On our website you can search by service type. This will help you to make a short-list of the funeral companies in Brisbane that have unattended cremation as one of their cheapest funerals. Here’s how to find a cremation company on our website:

  1. Click here to view our latest list of funeral directors in Brisbane
  2. Select a funeral director and click the ‘Details’ tab
  3. Look for ‘Direct Cremations Brisbane’ in the ‘Services’ list
  4. Click the link and you will have an up-to-date list of funeral directors that have cheaper cremation packages

This table will give you an idea of what to keep an eye out for. You can also see all of the other services offered by the funeral director and their service suburbs in Brisbane.

Here you can Click 'Direct Cremations Brisbane' to find a list of companies that do cheap cremations.

Once you have a couple of funeral homes in your short-list you can begin contacting them. The easiest way to find out the current cost of a funeral in Brisbane is to ask them for their cremation prices. You should also ask the funeral home if they have any budget funeral packages available.

Some companies will email their cheapest funeral prices to you with a full quote. Others may be happy to give you their cremation prices over the phone. You can then begin comparing the different prices. Keep in mind some packages may have more inclusions than others – so the cheapest cremation is not always the best value. There may be fees for additional services such as transportation of the deceased, or delivery of the ashes. Detailed funeral price quotes will make it easier.

4. Brisbane direct cremation prices

The old adage is true – you get what you pay for. A funeral that is cremation only with no service is always going to be cheaper, but by how much? How do you find a local funeral home that has low price funerals and good reviews? Let’s take a look into the prices of direct cremations in Brisbane and how to use our website to see reviews on cremation companies.

Here are the average cremation costs in Brisbane based on funeral quotes obtained from funeral directors in 2018.

For a full-service cremation you can expect to pay between $4,125 and $6,640. These prices include a basic traditional church service, chapel hire and cremation fees. These prices exclude church donations.

Single-service cremation services average between $3,480 and $5,552 in South East Queensland. Crematorium chapel hire and cremation fees are included in these funeral prices.

A direct cremation can vary in price a lot, mainly because this is a relatively new funeral option in Queensland. On average you can expect an unattended cremation to cost between $2,150 and $3,095 once all fees have been factored in.

You will see extremely cheap cremation prices sometimes being used incorrectly to encourage enquiries. Such low prices generally exclude fees that will end up being necessary such as transport of the deceased, document lodging and hours of the funeral directors’ time.

Often people don’t realise that most funeral homes are happy to send quotes. A quote will detail what is included in the cremation package they are offering. Our advice is to request 2 or 3 price quotes from local funeral directors.

That brings us to the end of this guide. We hope you have a learned a little about affordable funerals in Brisbane. We also hope to have given you an insight into the different types of funeral packages that are available. If you would like any further information about cremation prices in Brisbane or if you have any other questions please email us at

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